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I’m a licensed mental health counselor with a passion for helping people. Honesty, compassion, and directness are qualities I bring to every session, along with my ability to you leave feeling understood and heard. 

In a very real way no client is the same. Each is unique and has lived a unique life and presents with unique issues. I strive to bring relevant, competent, professional skills to each person who sees me. My prayer is to be used in a special way, with that unique person, to help them through their struggle. 

What Makes Me Different From Other Counselors?

I understand what it’s like being a client and wanting to be heard. Having been in counseling myself, I value the importance of providing a safe, sensitive, and transparent space where you can work to change towards your goals.

My philosophy is to enjoy the little moments in life because it’s too easy to get swept up in the stress of life. In my down time, you’ll often find me either with my head buried in a book, or spending time with my husband and two fur babies (Pug and Ragdoll cat).

I strive to create a welcoming and warm space for clients from all walks of life. For clients interested in Christian Counseling, my faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ is vital to my life. Together we’ll pray to invite the Holy Spirit in guiding our sessions.


I graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling from Assumption College in 2011. My work at Advocates Counseling Services and Valley Psychiatric Services provided me with extensive experience working with teenagers, couples and adults dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, life changes, low self-worth, body image issues, family conflict, and relationship problems.

I have extensive training in CBT and utilize the Terrance Real and Gottman approach for Couples Counseling. When working with marriages, I promote intimacy through open dialogue, transparency, trust, and healthy boundaries. A framework of sacrificial love in which both people give for the sake of the other’s benefits is fostered. Identifying the difference between loving and helping versus enabling unhealthy behavior is explored. 


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