Meditation is everywhere. Your doctor, therapist, or even your friends are encouraging it. You see it practiced in movies, at the libraries, community centers, and even in schools. It seems like everyone and their grandmother meditates, but does that mean it's safe? As a Mental Health Provider, I often hear clients tell me how they meditate, practice Yoga, and engage in all sorts of Eastern Religious Practices completely unaware of the harm they are opening themselves up to.

In good conscience, I cannot recommend these practices to any of my clients. If you are a Christian, please stay away from these practices as they are not of God and pose a danger to your spiritual state.

I caution everyone to research the side effects, Christian or not. Unfortunately, they are not often reported and to make matters worse, they are usually recommended by Medical and Mental Health Professionals. Side effects of long-term meditation include, but are not limited to; suicidal thoughts, psychosis, anxiety, and depression.

Steven Bancarz, an ex-publisher for a popular new age website, practiced Meditation, Astral Projection, Yoga, Reiki and other Eastern Religious practices. He has put together an educational video highlighting these and other dangers of practicing Meditation. I have included his video on meditation below. ould You Meditate

I understand this is a hard pill to swallow, especially if you’re not Christian or spiritual. You’re probably thinking, how can something so popular be dangerous? What about all the professionals that recommend it and speak so highly of it? I truly believe the professionals promoting meditation and other Eastern Religious practices have the best intentions and want to help people, but are themselves deceived. I only ask that you please do your own research and make an informed decision. Be safe and careful, God bless! Sh

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