Confident Counseling Teen Counseling Northborough MA 01532Being a teenager isn’t easy and parenting one isn’t either. As a parent, it is hard to see your child suffering with low self-worth, poor life choices, and unhealthy patterns. You want to save them, but you don’t know how. Even when you try it often pushes them further away. If only there was a handbook with each child.

Anxiety and depression are common among teenagers. Many turn to substances, self-harm, or other destructive behaviors. If you notice an increase in isolation, or a change in their eating and sleeping patters, an increase in hopeless negative thoughts, please reach out for services. 

We offer the support, experience, and tools to empower you as a parent and address their issues. In individual counseling, we focus on uncovering the pain and challenges your teenager is facing. We encourage awareness, change, and success. Parent involvement is encouraged and family counseling may be recommended. 

You don’t have to watch your teenager drown when there is help available. You can trust that if there is an area of need that is outside of the care normally provided, an appropriate referral is given. Common skills include; learning to challenge negative thought patterns (i.e. low self-worth, unrealistic standards and fears), learning healthy behaviors and habits, role-playing difficult conversations, establishing healthy boundaries, and more.

Example of Areas Addressed:

  • Divorce
  • Body Image
  • Excessive worries and fears
  • Unrealistic high standards for self, in school, in relationships, sports
  • Poor boundaries with others
  • Life changes (college preparation, moving)
  • Grief and loss

A Christian perspective is available for clients who find faith is important to their life. Many teens have a basic understanding of what a relationship with Jesus looks like but they find themselves influenced by the world around them. We can work together to encourage continued faith while respecting their need to learn to be accountable for their own life.

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